Russell Bedford International

Local insight… Global reach.

The world of business is full of opportunities, but moving into new markets is always challenging… whether you’re a new start-up taking that first step cross-border, a medium-sized business looking to expand your reach abroad, or a multinational looking to optimise tax efficiencies and manage your global accounting compliance obligations.

Being a member of Russell Bedford International, an established, genuinely global professional services network, allows us to deliver our full range of services, cost-effectively, wherever our clients need them. More importantly, it allows us to be completely confident that our clients are getting the quality services they deserve.

Every one of the 100-plus independent member firms in the Russell Bedford network – across 290 offices throughout Europe, the Americas, Middle East, Africa, the Indian Sub-Continent and the Asia-Pacific region – is an established local market leader in its own right.  This ensures that all clients are advised by specialists with proven experience in-country, with the insights to guide in-bound investors through local regulation and business practices.

But before being allowed to join the network, every member firm has to prove its ability to deliver the right range of services, to similar international standards, and to high customer-service levels, wherever they are in the world.

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