Joining InterTaxAudit

At InterTaxAudit, we appreciate the importance of getting the best from your career opportunities. That’s why we consistently aim to invest in professionals or promising new talents of the highest calibre. We provide our people the exceptional opportunity to further develop their skills and knowledge, build lasting relationships in a challenging work environment, and face real chances in their careers to reach their ultimate goals and grow as individuals.

We offer formal in-house training, external courses and an environment which fosters day-to-day on the job learning. This is essential to your ongoing success as it enables you to gain experience that helps you stand out from the crowd.

The atmosphere of collaboration and the positive team working environment that we maintain enables you as a professional to express your ideas and make a valuable contribution in a place where people, quality and value are at the heart of our business.

With over 95 staff, we look for highly qualified and talented individuals who consistently deliver high quality work while continually look for ways to improve and add more value to our organisation and maximise the success of our clients.

Our continuous development enables us to employ people from different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. We look for passionate people with energy and enthusiasm, able to help our clients achieve their goals. We seek for people who are dynamic and full of integrity.

Motivation and inspiration are both critically important in today’s challenging and demanding working world. Therefore, we look for people who encourage others in tough times.

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