International Business Companies

Our client portfolio includes a wide range of International Business Companies (IBCs) of varying size, origin and activity. We work in association with a network of international accounting, legal and consultancy firms, providing professional assistance and consultation in key global business centres, aiming to develop a tailored client experience which ultimately leads to meaningful positive outcomes.

Why invest in Cyprus

The accession of Cyprus to the European Union and its beneficial tax regime make it an attractive location for International Business Companies (Offshore). The country’s 2003 tax reform provides many advantages for IBCs including:

  • No distinction between local companies and IBCs. Profits before tax of IBCs, and any branches managed and controlled from Cyprus, are taxed at the flat rate of 12.5%
  • Profit generated from transactions in titles is exempted from tax
  • Exemption from tax of foreign dividend income with easily met conditions
  • Interest earned from trading or closely connected activities is only taxed under Corporation tax
  • An extensive double tax treaties network
  • Profits from a Permanent Establishment abroad are exempt from Corporation tax with easily met conditions
  • No withholding tax on dividend distribution to non-tax-residents
  • Group loss relief
  • Access to EU directives
  • Capital gains tax is only charged in the case of the sale of immovable property situated in Cyprus
  • 80% exemption of royalty income and gains from the disposal of intellectual property (IP) (under certain conditions)
  • The tax payer may apply for a ruling on any matter in order to obtain the written opinion of the Commissioner of Income Tax
  • Beneficial owners can protect their anonymity as they are not required to disclose their details to the local tax authorities.

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